Legalization of documents in Ukraine

Legalization confirms the validity and approves submission of the documents that were issued in one state to the official bodies of another state. Legalization is the process of legitimation being applied to the countries, which didn’t sign the Hague Convention. The countries that signed the agreement use simpler analog (apostille).

Citizens of Ukraine do not require an international legalization of documents on the territory of the most CIS countries and countries that have mutual agreements for assistance in civil affairs.

Legalization covers:

  • Documents from registry offices (marriage certificates, birth certificates and other documents);
  • Documents and certificates from courts, notaries;
  • Legal entities documentation (certificates of registration, certificates from tax inspection).

But not all documents can be legalized; that includes documents with photo confirming the identity.

Legalization is a multi-stage procedure and it requires pleading to the foreign consulates, Ukrainian ministries, understanding of legal nuances. The means of legalization one and the same document in China and Lebanon will be different. But both procedures suggest a complex algorithm of actions and standards.

The initial stage is approving the document in the Ministry of Justice. Then the document is confirmed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, then translated and verified by a notary. The translation should also be legalized. The final stage is passing the document in the consulate of the target country.

The assistance of specialists minimizes the risks and terms, protects from bureaucracy holdbacks.

Why you should choose us:

  • We work with all ministries and with most of the consulates;
  • We offer a full service package, ranging from work with ministries to help in retrieving missing certificates, documents;
  • As short as possible terms;
  • Little presence of the client.

The cost of legalization of one document in ministries of Ukraine – 2000 UAH.

The cost of consulate legalization is 300 UAH (+50 UAH for one document) + consulate fee.

The terms of filing are from 7 work days (not including time necessary for the consulate).

To begin the work you should provide:

  • Power of attorney for representing the interests in the state bodies of Ukraine*;
  • Original documents requiring legalization;
  • Letter-pleading about finishing consulate legalization (for legal entities).

*- ask our managers how to draw up a power of attorney.

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