Police clearance certificate

Police clearance certificate is the document that triggers a negative association. But recently it starts to appear in a civil life quite often.

When do you need the police clearance certificate?

As a general rule, it is required for registration of a foreign citizenship. The police clearance certificate is required to receive or renew a residence permit. But not only immigration services are interested in the clean record. The police clearance certificate may also be required to:

  • obtain a visa;
  • restore passport data;
  • receive a gun registration;
  • adopt and take custody of a child;
  • participate in tenders.

The certificate remains valid about 30 days in Ukraine and up to 90 days abroad.

The state bodies are obliged to provide this document within 30 calendar days from the date of request of the citizen. In practice, the certificate may be ready in two weeks.

Professionals will always help you speed up the process.

Why choose us?

1. The shortest possible deadlines. Two working days for preparation.
2. Save time. The customer should not be present. The documents may be sent by courier.
3. A complex of services: apostille, legalization, translation.

You can order online by sending the documents to the email.

The list of documents to make an order.

To receive the certificate a citizen of Ukraine should provide a copy (scanned copy) of a passport – 1st and 2nd page – registration, and identification number. If the certificate is required by a minor (if the child has not yet received a passport of a citizen at the time of issue of the certificate), a scanned copy of the birth certificate is needed.

A foreign citizen should present a scanned copy of the passport, name, and surname written in the Ukrainian language (a translation certified by translation agency would be useful), a scanned copy of the residence permit (if any).

The cost of the service is 40 EUR. The price of the apostilled police clearance certificate is 40 EUR.

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