Documents from the registry offices

Why would you possibly need to receive new documents from the registry office:

  • It is impossible to put down the apostille because the original document is laminated;
  • The certificate is lost and you need a duplicate;
  • Old –pattern documents;
  • Document spoilage.

There are always two options. First one is to do everything on your own. Going to the registry office, staying in line, paying all charges and government fees. Unfortunately, the terms of request tend to stretch out because of appealing in a place that differs from the place of registration.

The second option is getting professionals to do it for you. The undeniable advantage in time-saving and no need in staying in lines.

VACARE company does everything for you. It doesn’t matter where you are registered, you will get the documents in time.

The necessary certificate duplicate may be requested even if the register book was lost, with no time lost or headaches. (For example, certificate of birth for residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions).

A client doesn’t need to go anywhere and waste personal time. The work can be done distantly and we can send the final document to the chosen address via courier service. If you prefer, you can come to the office and get the documents personally.

Additionally VACARE provides services for full minister and consulate legalization, apostilization, translation, and notarization of translation.


Terms for requests Cost
1-2 day Negotiable
3-4 business days 600 UAH *

*- payment of government fees included.

In order to request documents from the register office you have to provide:

Power of attorney for company’s employees;
Passport copy;
A copy of the document to be requested.

It is possible to acquire necessary documents without a notarized power of attorney. Contact our specialists for more details and consultation in any way you want: on phone, e-mail or other messengers. Contact VACARE company! We would appreciate serving you.

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