Apostille in Ukraine

Documents issued in Ukraine gain legal power on territories of other countries only after legalization. In 1961 the Hague Convention member countries mutually refused the consul legalization by simplifying the document confirmation process. A new international standard, that is called Apostille, was established.

The apostille stamp is put by one of the ministries of Ukraine according to its profile. It is being put directly on the document and sometimes on a separate special form that is attached to the original.

A document that has undergone the procedure is automatically becomes legally valid on the territories of more than hundred countries of the world that signed the Convention.

The seal legalizes the following types of documents:

  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates;
  • Official documents issued by the state bodies of Ukraine, facilities and enterprises;
  • Court documents;
  • Notary documents.

To receive an apostille stamp an applicant should provide a set of documents to the corresponding ministry. Many countries require double apostille (Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, and Austria). This standard suggests that apostille should be put on a translated document. Experienced specialist will help with this issue.

What is the benefit of going to professionals?

  • Quality, speed, reliability. The knowledge of all nuances minimizes the risks.
  • Ability to put an apostille on distance, without leaving your house, without going from hometown and without wasting a day of work.
  • Time optimization. The ability to fasten up the procedure (in some cases there is a possibility to shorten the duration of filing educational documents from 30-40 days to just one day).
  • Help in receiving missing documents.

The originals of the documents are required. You can send provide them personally or via a delivery service. A convenient payment and deadlines system makes it possible to pass the procedure with no loss of time and bureaucracy.

on documents from the State register of acts of civil status, notarial, judicial
– 400 UAH.

for a certificate of no criminal record, medical certificates and other
2 workday – 550 UAH.
5 workday – 400 UAH.


Type Term, days Cost, UAH
Turbo-express 1 1400
Express 3 1000
10 850
With request** 20
Normal 30-40 500

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